Agnes Martin and Sonia Delauney

Just returned from a two and a half week trip to the United Kingdom. I was lucky enough to see two shows, both at the Tate Modern- Agnes Martin and Sonia Delauney. I say lucky because London was so damn hot, its a miracle I actually made it so see this art.

I am so glad I got to see the Martin Retrospective, what an extraordinary artist. I really had not seen enough of her work before- always thought of her as the minimalist who drew pencil grids on paper. In this show there were a lot of her large paintings, one called, "Friendship" , a grid of gold leaf was extraordinary. All of her work deserves a long look and the reward of the looking is immense - such lively work , so dynamic. I found out she suffered from schizophrenia as an adult and the serenity of the paintings were products of personal and spiritual struggle. I really loved the striped paintings a subtle kind of unworldly glow emanated from them.

Delauney's work was altogether a different kettle of fish. Things that struck me were the consistency of her jewel like color choices. I also loved how her life and art merged so successfully, her first abstract work was a pieced quilt she made for her baby son. Her fabric designs were exquisite. She seemed to have a hand in so may art forms, fashion, theater, costume design, magazine covers, painting and drawing and always with this consistent vision.

Now back to my own work, I left black holes and dark matter behind in California , here is another one.