While I was in Phoenix over Thanksgiving with my husbands family, staying with my father-in-law, I looked again at a triptych I had given him a long time ago, He had it pinned to his wall every since, he never framed it, so I was happy when he said he'd like to return it. He seemed to think it was a loan. Anyway  I made this work at the end of the 1980's, its so strange to see a piece of old work. Sometimes although I can't remember exactly my thought processes. I can see what I was attempting.

I was fascinated at the time with trying to see if I could make three pieces of paper relate together, using the lease obvious visual means. The underlying structure of this piece is from a sculpture I was doing turned on its side. The middle is densely worked, and the two surrounding pieces more graphic. I love the way the space in the almost ovals in the center seems infinite and circled in white, they are picked up again in the two outside pieces in black ink. Now I want to see if I can use this idea again in what I'm working on now.