Breathing Space in a drawing

Notes 2-21 (2).jpg

Two of my favorite painters are Giotto born in 1266 and Fra Angelico born in 1395. They painted right before the rules of perspective really took over. I also love the era of the Middle Ages , one of my favorite museums in New York is the Cloisters, its full of work from this age.

One of the reasons I love this work is the flatness of the images, the feeling that anything is possible. What does it matter if the people are larger than the houses, its not about realism . Its about whatever is important taking center stage.

I really do not use perspective very much, however I use the device of creating portholes within a drawing. In some ways it is a trick, using perspective by not using it-- I create a distance, space implied by my framing device and it lets a drawing breathe, so its not all about surface. Here are some examples from recent work. I have just shown that part of the drawing.