Fourth Chakra- Heart

The color of this chakra is green. In the earth's system of chakras it is the crust where all the green trees grow. As part of working on my spiritual development, I have had the seed of love planted in my heart, several times ,apparently as I seem to snuff it out. I am hoping to grow this seed into a towering tree of love. These are some of the things that this drawing are about.  I felt  I needed to put in a reference to the arms. albeit skeleton arms. The arms are the way the body expresses love, holding, hugging, lovingly touching. When I first moved to the US and was in RISD at Graduate school, I started doing small bronzes. I used the image of a spoon woman, the body of a woman hollowed out like a spoon with no arms or legs. For me I realized this represented how stressful that time in my life was , I had nothing to give, no love to express, no arms. At least now I have skeleton arms.