Back in the studio

Well I have started to do some work again, in fact I have finished two diptychs. They are the continuation of some smaller works I started ages ago, when I cut up a larger piece into 8 smaller pieces, with the addition of another piece of paper I have basically 8 diptychs. Sometimes I like to have a bunch of things on the go at the same time. I have started a series of now 8 larger drawings of the interior workings of the brain.

Also I have two pieces that have turned into triptychs , they almost remind me of altar pieces. They are two drawings about meditation and the removal of all the crap . Meditation has been likened to the process of washing, we wash and wash and the mind/body/soul gets filled up with stuff that bogs us down. These drawings are a way to describe this process that somehow also involves a lot of spinning, as though the process of spinning helps clear out the junk.

I will show the finished diptych , at first I wasn't sure it was finished, so I put it aside to consider now a couple of days later I am sure. The drawings below were working drawings to try and figure out what to do, in my sketch book. One think I like from the finished piece is the way ,that what could be a craft is flying towards the yellow circle, sun maybe. Anyway it has the look of another world which I love.