New Age

I was at a wonderful gathering on Boxing Day for those of us who are British, if Dutch the day is called Second Christmas, a time to celebrate with friends. What a great idea and what a great group of interesting people, I am making new connections. TB and I found ourselves at one point talking about our 10 and 5 year respective experiences, living at a Spiritual commune/school in the East county of San Diego. We left almost 16 years ago now, to move to Los Angeles, it was a time of great learning.

I was talking to a woman who asked why I was so anti-New Age. I didn't feel that I really answered her as it took some thought, so here goes. Before I joined the spiritual school I felt that I was searching for my purpose with great vigor. I read all kinds of New Age books searching for esoteric knowledge, like gathering stones on a beach. After 5 years a lot of that interest dropped away as I decided to focus on my life, my schedule,my finances, my creativity. In other words I stopped being so interested in the writings of others,the better to focus on what I know and what lies inside me.

The New Age movement is another dogma that causes us to look outside ourselves for guidance. Admittedly its more appealing, than Christianity/Islam/Judaism, but for me personally just as distracting and dangerous. So now I cringe when I hear people say "Love and Light", what does that actually mean, or maybe its just me.

I have finished another drawing in the Pandora series, check it out below.