The Longest Journey

As I wrote in my last "notes" I am working on the "Heart ,Fetus,Octopus" triptych again. I started this piece in 2010 or 2011, not long after I first rented this studio, its the largest drawing I had begun at that time. At first it was a diptych, "Heart ,Fetus" , than it needed another piece of paper, hence the arrival of the octopus. I  struggled with this drawing,  couldn't make sense of it .

Now here I am getting it out again and working on it mostly because of comments made at my Open Studio. I added lots of small collage shapes which made me think of the Ocean we all came from as evolution developed. In a way the Ocean is a little like the Universe, both vast and unknowable. I just watched a video about how we literally have the DNA of the universe inside our bodies, "From the Stars" we come and yet we also come from this watery place too. I read a piece that attributes the patterns of human hair growth to the time we lived in water and explained that women had long hair so their babies would have something to hold onto.

The triptych is now separated , the left and right side of the original are diptychs with additional paper and the middle is a triptych. I love the way my drawings seem to multiply in a very organic process, it reminds me of mitosis or cell division. I feel as though I have been on a real journey with this work, almost as though the drawing has a life of its own, and its not over yet.