The Rhythm of Working

 Each time I finish what feels like an epic series of drawings, there is a feeling of triumph with  a little loss thrown in. I have to regroup and begin again, except I almost never start from scratch. I seem to always have work started in various states of completion. As I finish the "Heart , Fetus, Octopus" series I have two wing drawings that were discarded in the process, to complete. The second series of Chakra drawings need to be finished and now "The Eye behind the I Am" these two huge triptychs need rethinking.

I sat down and looked through all the sketchbooks of the last few years, so interesting to see and understand my rhythm of working. It is mysterious to me, observing how different concerns pop up to be explored and resolved. To see myself a year ago worrying over a visual problem, that I know I manage to resolve, is satisfying somehow.

I certainly could not predict this rhythm and I am in awe of its complexity. My sketchbooks are certainly the way to understanding my work. I show below a sketch from a 2008 sketchbook.