At the 3D World Expo that I attended earlier this year in Burbank, there was a medical booth, showing how 3D printers could be useful for many medical applications. An interesting use is the external cast for a broken limb, these are custom made to fit for the patient ,the huge advantage being, you could wear them in the shower. Anyway I digress, the lady manning the booth saw me looking at some of the images  in the booth and started to talk about nebulizers. I had never come across this term before and automatically thought of a nebula ( a cloud of interstellar gas and dust). a nebulizer it turns out  is a gaseous cloud for use in the nasal passages to help asthma for example.

As I was doing this drawing of the 5th Chakra, it struck me that the Breath is our human link with the Divine. Every time we breath , we breath in life, how much more proof do we need that  the God-force exists. Its our link with the Nebula, "from the stars we come" and up the nose it goes to oxygenate all our cells. Its a bloody miracle , we reenact thousands of times a day.

Below is number four of a series I have just finished.