In my studio today I feel as though I have taken a step on a new path. I have been traveling for two weeks, visiting my son in Oregon and going to Utah to see Bryce and Zion with TB. It feels good to be contemplating a new start. I have no idea really what I will do next, all I can think about is this luminous violet colour- I saw this colour in some rocks on sale in a farmers market in Oregon.

A friend of mine recently said that my work is all about light. I hadn't thought of that before, I realized that I often use the circle, as a way to show a layer of illumination in my work, a window into another world.

Right now I am feeling I have come through the window, into the light, its no longer something to look at from a distance. I want to be in the light. The process I have developed where I start a drawing using black ink  feels redundant. I have started a few small drawings that feel free of this darkness of an overused process. So here goes, its scary!

Below is an older drawing that shows clearly this window of light.