The Balance between doing and being

How do we as humans, balance, being a human being and being a human who does stuff. Before this latest new phase where I am moving into the light, literally in my drawings, I was having a very difficult time in the studio. I was attempting another series of Chakra drawings. From the beginning this particular series did not come easily in fact I was  really being persistent, trying to make the drawings work.  As the months went by I realized I would be better off putting the whole series away for a while. Sometimes work cannot be forced, this is a tricky balance, when to ease up and when to persist.

As humans we get so caught up in all the doing and forget we are complete beings who sometimes need, to just, be. This for me is another lesson of letting it come to me. I don't have to always be slogging away in the trenches. Follow the example of the seed, patience, while all the growth happens underground in the dark fertile soil, ready to burst forth in its own time. Go with the flow, is the lesson here.

Below is the seventh Chakra piece from the series, I managed to finish it, its called  'Seventh Chakra--walking in the light"