When someone asks me what my work is like, then immediately says "Southwestern?" I am left thinking wow, I have no idea how to answer this. How to explain, that I feel boxed in by this concept of what art is, that is so flawed, it would take a lifetime of art education to make the questioner, realize that this is not a good way, to talk to an artist about their work.

A similar question that I am often flummoxed by is "Do you believe in God?". I have to again unpack the question, so if "God" is the average male based deity and "believe" is the concept of overriding your own knowing, to go to a place ,where others have crafted a system, that requires you to subsume your identity, in order to be accepted by them, then no, I do not "believe" in "God" . I do however experience Divinity , and do so every time I take a breath.

Back to my work, I can only say that my work is complex and covers a lot of ground because each piece is made in real time, and every second it changes. I do not have preconceptions about my work, its a process that with each new piece ,I dig deep into my creative spirit, to try and react to these marks and this time ,now.