So I have continued to make feathers. I keep thinking of the phrase ,"the battle between good and evil will be won by the weight of one white feather". It certainly seems as though the world is plunging into darkness. I did find a hopeful story about a time of great kindness, to counteract all the darkness around at the moment. The Choctaw Indians , completed their long march, a journey  called the "Trail of tears", forced by the US army to relocate to Oklahoma. Thirteen years later the Irish Famine began, that would be 1847, at this time ,the Choctaw tribe elders sent $170,000 to Ireland to help feed their people . To commemorate this generosity an Irish  sculptor, Alex Pentex , has made a large piece consisting of 9 steel eagle feathers called "Kindred Spirits". It is located in Bailic Park , Midleton , county Cork. The piece shows these large feathers forming a bowl shape. Here is a link ,so you can read more and see an image of the sculpture.


Below is a just started piece where I am thinking of how to use the feathers  I have made