Open Studio-- the aftermath

Another year, another clean up and sort out of my work space to showcase my recent work. It seems I do this as much for myself , as for anyone else, although I did have  quite a group of people, come visit. Its always interesting to hear what people have to say, and to hear myself saying things I may not have articulated before.

I was talking about using tracing paper in the piece "The Universal Eye", it took the form of  a sperm or serpent going over the top of the nebula form which bisects the large triptych. The result of this attachment process , surprised me, even though I was adding an element, it had the effect of opening a window to what was already there underneath. This layering and moving layers into the background and foreground has become something of a fascination for me. The person I was talking to expressed surprise that I wouldn't know this before I made the decision to glue the tracing paper on , but that is exactly the process, I never know exactly whats going to happen. There is always a surprise and an element of risk.

Someone else asked if I was excited to be having an Open studio. I tried to explain that I find it difficult talking about my work and talking up my work, I find almost impossible. The exciting part for me is doing the work and finding those moments of surprise where I learn something. Below is a close up of the sperm shape from "The Universal Eye".