Why I work in Series

If you look at my art you will see that there’s often a series of drawings. This series tells a story, just like say, if you have a group of people together in a room ,the topic may be the same but everyone in the room has their own unique interpretation, or story to tell. My aim is similar, there may be a theme of five separate pieces, but every piece is unique in its own right, telling its own story, seen together, you can see the theme, of the whole story.

The same theme weaves through it and like every unique story, every piece is separate and every piece entwined. There is at the same time an incredible complexity, for me as the artist working with separate drawings, that need to work together, yet there is such a satisfying flow when it works as a series. Below you will see a recent series called "The Waterbabies Series", when I finished this piece something about the combination of colors reminded me of the illustrations in the book "The Waterbabies "by Charles Kingsley. I loved this book when I was a child , I haven't thought about it for years, somehow my subconscious dragged it up and out to my conscious mind to see some similarity, between my work and my memory of these illustrations . Our minds are truly amazing, skillful machines .