"Hunger makes me a Modern Girl"

I just finished Carrie Brownstein's memoir "Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl", she was in the band "Slater Kinney " for ten years, and I think they have reformed. Although I didn't know a lot about music in the Pacific Northwest, it was an interesting read, especially about the rigors of touring, which I could relate to a little ,having toured with a band myself. She is a good writer and certainly didn't sugarcoat the difficulties of playing and touring. One thing she talked about was the way that albums, songs and creating them, form a body of work ,that over time becomes the history of the band. This thread of events and creativity form an amazing tapestry . Brownstein may not individually like certain parts of her songbook, but as a whole, each part, is a necessity. Sometimes the unfavorite songs, lead to the songs that are highly regarded,  it is a process. In a way, its impossible ,to have the light without the dark , this duality in a way is only the half of it, it is all needed to move everything along.

This struck a chord with me as it seems like the only way to work, I take today and try and make something visually, that may or may not be successful. Over time this forms the story or history of my work, I cannot predict the trajectory, but I have to accept,  this is the way I work. Sometimes I like where its going, sometimes I don't, but I have to be patient with myself and nurture my gift. I need to have the courage to continue on. Below are some sketches from the early 1980's.