Homage to Alison de Lima Greene

When I moved to Houston in 1986 to do a two year residency as a Core Fellow, we had our studios at the Glassell school across the road from the Museum of Fine Arts. Alison de Lima Greene was and still is a curator at this museum, her title is "Curator, Contemporary Art and Special Projects". She has recently been involved in putting on a show of Yayoi Kusama work, an artist I admire very much, called "At the End of the Universe"

Alison really seemed to respond to my work and towards the end of my Core residency she purchased one of my drawing/wall sculpture pieces for the museum. This was and is such a huge honor for me. I don't think I can really express what it is like, to have someone in such an influential position believe in me in this way, so thank you Alison.

This is the piece the museum purchased, they also own an additional three pieces. One donated by the group that put on the Synergy Exhibition that I won a jurors prize for and two more large drawings of my body series, the" Brain drawings". I always wanted to say I left my brains in Texas.

I realize after hearing from Alison, That I don't have a photo of the correct piece so here is the link to the museum catalogue, the photos I show below, reveal the drawing with a different bronze wall sculpture, the next drawing has the correct wall sculpture.