As I was working on my "Homage to the Garden of Earthly Delights" I had a realization. Using the vaginal shape three times in the piece, with the appearance of a landscape through the shape , made me realize that the vaginal is a literal doorway. How amazing  is this gift of bringing a new life into this world . Vagina's act, almost as mythical wormholes from another dimension, mythical because wormholes don't really exist, but wormholes really are the best description . This being that is generated ,it is really from another dimension or where exactly does it come from? Women are capable of bringing not only a new being into their bodies, but of growing and gestating this being, to a point of independence. This is how after all we propagate the species.

No wonder women ,and their amazing gifts of reproduction ,were treated as goddesses in prehistory, before man realized their part in the process. It must have seemed like even more of a miracle , than it is now.

What we need in this world is more regard for the preciousness of life and the part we women play. I have used the imagery of the fetus in my work and its always seen as unusual. This frankly amazes me ,and speaks to how much ,males set the agenda of what is important subject matter in the art world.