The Continium

Delving inside ones self to draw on and work is a constant surprise. As I mentioned in my last "Notes from the studio" I have started these drawings under the heading "Inside the Brain" I have been doing them in sets of four and am about to start another set , bringing the total up to four sets of four. I have come out of a period of struggle with my work, nothing happened easily. The piece called "Creation " took me about a year to complete and went through many different stages. So imagine my surprise when I started this new series, I began as I often do using pen and ink, then applied washes of color. I kept thinking that this was just the beginning, but after having all the drawings up , realize that they are in fact done. This is way too easy is my first thought, however on reflection I realize I have been here before, I must  trust the gift, its time to receive. Life is a series of struggles and letting go, of clutching and then trusting.