The beauty of working on many different things at once

A while back I talked and showed a diptych that just wasn't working, in fact I over worked it to the point of no return. When I do this my solution is often to cut up the drawing. This time I had 8 pieces of paper. So while I was also working on other drawings I would have a smaller work to come to as well. I also made each piece of the original drawing into a diptych by adding another piece of paper. This reminds me of cell division and for some reason I find this very satisfying, I am not quite sure why. Well I have finished this series and have some things to say about it. My son Kyle was very keen for me to read "The Diamond Age " by Neal Stephenson, he said it made him want to major in physics in college and work in the nano tech industry. It was certainly an interesting book. I have been influenced by this idea of small microscopic pieces of technology entering our bodies to help with various medical issues. Who knows if these thoughts I carry around in my head  make themselves visible in the work.