Homage to Miss Hilary Jones

Miss Hilary Jones was my art Teacher while I was at Howell's School Llandaff. I was at this school from the ages of 11 through to 18. I did Art "O" Level, in fact I failed it the first try and so retook it the following year. This was actually a great lesson for me about the stupidity of exams and also the ridiculousness of trying to grade art. I also did Art "A" Level and so got to know Miss Jones even better as a teacher. She was a tough teacher, very little praise given , in fact after getting an A for my Art "A" Level and winning the School Art Cup , all she said was  "well done". She was a great teacher and I loved her, I feel very lucky that I had her as my teacher. I had a very difficult home life growing up and art and Miss Jones and the Art room at Howell's saved me. One of the many things I learned from her was wax resist, using a candle to make marks then a wash of a light color say yellow, then another layer of wax and red , then another layer of wax and  blue. As I was in my studio today it struck me I am still doing this technique , just without the wax part, here is the drawing I just finished .