This has become a difficult issue in this internet age. Since working on these images of the neurons in the brain I have discovered a wealth of imagery by Googling "neurons images", all sorts of stuff pops up. After getting so inspired by the drawings of Camillo Golgi from 1875 and thinking any copyright had probably run out on these images,I figured I would work from some more images I had found. The piece I have posted with this is the result, it is apparently neurons in a crab brain. I also did two more large drawings, one I have previously posted.

I went back to the internet to find out more about the image and discovered that a contemporary artist was responsible for the piece called Greg Dunn, here is the link to his website 

About the same time an old friend on Face Book asked if he could use this same image on his page. What to do? I didn't deliberately use this artists image. Should I just ignore this , as Picasso said "Good Artists copy , great Artists steal" . What do you think?