After bringing the triptych home  after Thanksgiving, it inspired me to do some more triptychs. I love this format, not quite sure why. I had done six drawings of various inside the brain imagery. Originally I was going to use them in two triptychs, when I put them together, it was too much. So I took each drawing, using the position of each in the plan for the two triptychs, added two more pieces of paper and now will have six triptychs. I have finished the first two and will show an image of one of them below.

There are definitely visual references to the drawing done at the end of the 1980's in Houston, these new drawings are a kind of homage. The colour I find interesting, it made me think of how much colour plays a part in my work, in more recent years. I was wondering about the influence of living in California for more than twenty years. I think its bound to have affected the way I look at colour, the quality of light here is so particular.