Longitudinal Waves

So I am continuing with the series of triptychs I started using one of the brain drawings and combining it with some imagery that feels very familiar from an old drawing. I started to wonder what exactly am I doing here. I am working with images from inside the brain, but I also want to think about the mind .  I think we all assume that the mind is located inside the brain, but where exactly.

I showed Kyle my latest drawings, he is now a Physics major and started to tell me about Longitudinal waves. Apparently my drawings reminded him of these waves also called L-waves or compression waves.I know that spiritually speaking everything is frequency and vibration, and that when science and spiritual knowledge combine ,human beings will be a lot better off.

I looked again at the drawing and realized that in a way the inside the brain part of the triptych also has a part where, whatever the brain is actively engaged in is being put to use. In other words maybe I have found a way to depict the brain and hint at its workings.