Lately I have been think a lot about two things , firstly Picasso said that for him making work was like keeping a diary. Then I just finished a book  called "Where'd you go Bernadette"  by Maria Semple, in it she describes an architect who designs two houses , wins a MacArthur Genius Grant  and then goes to pieces after one of the houses is destroyed. In the book there is this idea that unless artists create , they become a menace to society.  I think of how many women have historically had to squash their creativity, and how I start to feel if I don't get in the studio. I think Picasso's statement is also very true, when I look through my old sketchbooks I get an insight into my thought processes of the time.


I am trying to move on from the Chakra series. I am working on some drawings that have not reached completion. The series of three drawings I did about the Hanging Man , the only successful one was called "In the Blink of an Eye". The other two I have cut apart and attached to pieces of paper. It has made me think of breaking apart the fabric of the universe. We all think of this visible reality as the only one. The Aborigines have the idea of the Dream-time, so that this reality is the not as important. I have had some dreams where I see the fabric of this world breaking apart.