Compexity and Simplicity

I want to address the crucial part of making work. Knowing when to stop , when its right. When the drawing magically goes from everything being wrong to everything being right.Even the viewer who may be unskilled in art can tell when a piece of work is right. I have been pondering this question for a while. This week I watched a documentary "Gerhard Richter Painting". He describes halfway through exactly what this issue is about.I will quote what he said , although it was translated from German.

"I can smear anything I want onto a canvas'

"Then there is a condition I must react to"

"Something happens spontaneously. Not by itself but without plan or reason'

"The question is you paint without a plan, but you know exactly when its right"

"Each step forward is more difficult and I feel less and less free, until I conclude there's nothing left to do. When according to my standard nothing is wrong anymore then I stop. This is good."

"It is extremely difficult"

" It is"

It is so brilliant to hear another artist articulate exactly how making art is for me. I include two drawings the first is a drawing that I tried to convince myself was finished. I ended up cutting it into eight pieces. The second drawing takes the upper left quadrant of the unfinished drawing that I then finished today. I want to show how you will recognize which one is right and which one is wrong