How meditation is like art

The one thing that meditation, art making and love have in common is that they cannot be forced. Love is something that comes by itself, of its own volition. One can create the space for meditation to happen, but to dictate that meditation will happen is impossible.

With art there is a similar thing. I can make a drawing: I can keep changing it until all the things that are wrong suddenly go away, and it's then a good drawing, that's also finished. Often that process is frustrating and involves me trying many options, sometimes I get to a point where I cannot see a way forward. Then maybe I will come to my studio the next day and with three or four manipulations it will be done. I know this sounds ridiculous but its as though suddenly the drawing has a soul, I can see energy in the piece ,this energy, the energy of completion wasn't there the previous day.

There is no explanation for this; I simply do not understand it. It is certainly beyond my control. It is quite simple, either a drawing has this, and looking at it will lift me or the drawing is not finished and it will make me think how every part of it looks wrong.