Avebury Stone Circle ( Spiritual Heart of England)

I visited my family in England this July and had the opportunity to go to Avebury Stone Circle, in Wiltshire. I was visiting a friend I hadn't seen for 30 years who lives in Marlborough. Someone told me Avebury is the Spiritual Heart of England.

When I came back to California I was doing some drawings in  my sketchbook overlaying a heart onto a plan of the stone circle by  William Stukeley ( Drawn in mid-  1700's) As I was doing the drawings , I incorporated the roads that bisect the Stone circle into the heart, it looks a little like a roundabout with different exits.

This week I did a workshop about the 4th Chakra, the heart center, a continuation of a series about all the Chakra's. This was another amazing workshop led by my teacher Linda, where I learned many things about this center. One is that the heart center is the only center, where the energy can go both ways, both up and down. This center is a little like a roundabout with different exits.


One of the other interesting things about this center is that it is a center of Be-ing, the first three chakras are Do-ing . I am sure ,I am not explaining this well, however  if the first three centers are instinct, sex by lust and power, this center is love. It is the time we get to be a human being and be in  our hearts.