Old Drawing

So as I mentioned in the last post I am at a bit of a cross roads in my work. In fact I put away most of the unfinished drawings and am starting to think about and make some sculpture. I had this old drawing hanging around, its probably 12 years old. I hadn't looked at it in a while and assumed it wasn't finished. I put it up on the wall and realized that yes it is finished , as in there is nothing I could do to make this drawing better. It was interesting to see how the color was very much more limited and almost tonal compared to my recent work. I was interested to see the shape I drew on the right hand side. I had been working on the seven Chakra drawings for some time, I used what I knew about the colors and the anatomy to try and come up with my own interpretation, of each Chakra. After finishing them I started a workshop specifically about the Chakras. So far we have done the first through third. As  organs of the body play a huge part in my work I wanted to locate the chakras correctly, with the first series of drawing I assumed that the first chakra, the root chakra was located in the rectum. I also assumed the second one was located in the genital area and I know the third chakra was located on the solar plexus.

What I learned from the three in depth workshops on the chakras, is that I was all wrong about the location of the first and second chakras. Although I must mention here that there is no way to actually find a chakra, like an organ. They are rather more like the aura, energetic parts of the spiritual body, they are spinning disks located at points half in and half out of the body. Anyway I learned that the first chakra , the root chakra is located in the vagina in women and the testicles in men. The second chakra is located in the prostrate gland in men and the ovaries in women, You will see in this drawing, that I have created the perfect combination of sexual organs , its the male and female genitals combined.

After writing this post and doing another workshop, I realize I was totally incorrect in this post. The root Chakra is located at the bottom of the spine. I can't imagine how I got it so wrong. The second chakra is located in the sacrum. I was trying to find the exact location because when I do drawings of the chakra's I want to know exactly where they are located so I can draw these organs. Where exactly is the base of the spine or the sacrum? I do get the solar plexus. I do find it interesting that these bottom three chakras are not as clearly located as the top four , which are heart , throat, third eye and crown of the head. Why is that?