Heaven and Hell Drawings are proving complicated

 I started this series of triptychs a while ago . I really wanted to show in a drawing the experience of being in a workshop with my spiritual teacher and having her extract some of the contamination from my mind and body.This particular series came from one workshop where I saw very clearly a visual of this,black shapes were spinning out of my mind. When I initially did the ink drawing of this experience, it didn't seem right,so I added two wings on either side of the drawing and it turned into a triptych.

I have kept working on them and realized that I could do a Heaven and Hell piece. The beauty of this in my mind is that they would basically be the same drawing, but the hell  one would show the sides going down and the heaven one going up. Lets face it heaven and hell do not exist in my opinion, except in people's minds. I did a stencil of a woman right side up for heaven and upside down for hell. Then I added the symbols of the chakras, deciding heaven could have the 4th,5th,6th,and 7th and hell would get the 1st,2nd,and 3rd.

Oh my , my mind was really on a roll now, I got all involved with thinking of how we are all like a drop of water that joins in with the rain and then the river and then the ocean. It is a much used spiritual metaphor and one that has a lot of validity. I then found an old drawings where a giant cloud was depicted and others where the wing symbol was linked by a circle. I had decided that heaven was silver and hell gold,so I added that to my drawing. I also added collage shapes darker for hell and lighter for heaven. 

Now I feel like I am all tied up in knots with these pieces, too  complicated. I will have to put them away for a while. I took some photos of the center of each piece, see if you can guess which is heaven and which hell?