Heaven and Hell Finished I think

Well after all the agonizing of the last "Notes" I went into my studio today and finished the drawings. I had one plan to try going in which was to paint a thin wash of purple paint over most of the two drawings. Well as soon  as I had  done this everything looked better, before it was a bunch of disparate parts now, a blended whole. It feels like a miracle. Of course I now have  put them on my finished wall , where I will leave them for a while to see if they really are finished . First triptych is "Hell", the one below it is "Heaven" ,they are very painterly to me and remind me of the drawings and watercolours of William Blake, particularly his Dante's Inferno series, which I have always loved and which when I am in London ,I try to visit when they are on display at the old Tate, along with the Late Turner's.