Warning to Other Artist's

I was the victim of an attempted internet scam, let me say firstly I did not suffer any actual loss, except feeling less trust in my fellow humans. Let me explain what happened. Someone out of the blue emailed me saying they had found my web site and were interested in a particular piece. After a couple of weeks of emails back and forth, they said they wanted to purchase the piece. When I received the cheque but before I mailed the work, I took it to the bank. Luckily for me the teller that helped me was the Service Manager, she had some questions about the cheque. She told me she suspected it was fraudulent and would send it to the banks fraud department. The person who sent me the cheque put more money than we had originally agreed, when I questioned her about this she said her husband got the amount wrong. It was $1500.00 over the agreed price, this was really the ruse , I would return the overage plus the drawing, quite a haul for these criminals. I was able to stop the scam from going any further, yet I am left with a scar. Ironically the piece, shown below ,that they were interested in "In the Blink of an Eye" is really about the short span of our human lives. They pass before us so quickly, too quickly to waste them perpetrating scams like this. Be warned. Afterwards a friend commented , "well at least the criminals have found your website!"

In the Blink of and Eye.jpg