Warped Human Perfection

This desire for perfection has become very warped in humanity. In a way its a reflection of not being able to look at ourselves as the  perfect beings  we are, we think we need plastic surgery or fashionable clothes or another accent. There is a billion dollar industry dedicated to turning humans into what they think they should be, instead of accepting what they are.

Similarly I see a lot of art gong in this direction. I call it the lure of graphic perfection, that is the obsession with the surface, ignoring the underlying structure. Humans at this time seem to be impressed with the impersonal lure of the machine rather than the skill of the artist. Maybe I am being too general here, maybe its the result of seeing too many Yoda heads made from a 3D Printer, really people aren't there more interesting things to use a 3D Printer for.

I have finished the large triptych "The Eye behind the I Am", at least I think its finished. There were a lot of things that intrigued me about this drawing. It reminds me of a Darwinian Diagram of Evolution, little creatures crawling ,ever upwards . I also like the eye at the center and the eye being looked through , hence the title , who is the observer looking through our eyes .I like the way duality is represented, with the male and female on each side of the universe. I also like the way the images continue around the larger eye shape, so that there is the idea, that even when our eyelids are closed we feel the world around us.