Spinning Vortex

So my studio is back to normal, still clean but 2013's work all photographed and stored away on my new shelves. Its a wonderful thing to go through the annual clean up and review and restart, plus I have all the comments from my Open studio to ponder. Now I have to take all the strands and move forward.

I have finished the two spinning vortex triptychs, the center of each piece were the original centers of "Heaven" and "Hell". I wanted to simplify the triptychs so I added wings either side of the spinning vortex's . They are curious to me, as they are so characterful, like the craggy face of a human being. The idea of the pieces was how to visually explain the sensation of going to a workshop and having all the contamination removed from my chakras. One time, when this was happening. I had a visual of me as a spinning vortex with stuff being pulled out of me. I was somewhere way out in the universe.

Some new thoughts mixed with some old ones, I want to explore this idea of are we descendants of aliens? Do we have stardust in our DNA? Are the Chakras a remnant of this mating of Alien and Ape? I want to re-look at the "In the Blink of an Eye " piece , it has more to mine, I feel. I love the analogy of the span of a persons life flashing before them. Also want to look at the nebula's, there are some amazing photos taken by the Hubble Telescope. When we were at the 3D Printer world expo, I  talked to a woman in the medical application area, she was describing a use for the 3D printers in making a model of someones nose, to help with treatment, she also mentioned a nebulizer, which is a way to get medicine to the nose. I love this weird link, the use of this word to describe a medical application as well as a cloud formation in the universe. It mirrors the idea of the microcosm and the macrocosm.