Post Open Studio

Well another successful Open Studio, a lot of people came from all the different areas in my life and much discussion ensued. I do find talking to people about my work very interesting. Often it will send me on a tangent that could be a totally new exploration for me. I put up the seven Chakra drawings explaining that, I finished them right before the start of almost a years worth of Chakra Workshops. In a way they are the  what I knew about chakras , so inevitably I have some of the stuff wrong, for example in the relationship between the seventh chakra and the planetary chakra system , it in terms of the workshops new information, the crown chakra is represented by the moon. In these drawings I had thought it was the outer reaches of the universe. Also the use of the octopus for the third chakra is totally my decision and many other discrepancy's.

People seemed to really like the latest drawings of "Heaven" and "Hell", and have very distinct reactions the them. One of my book club lady's really reacted, preferring "Heaven " over "Hell", this may be a product of innate conditioning, I didn't get a real chance to hear her explanation.

I also had a very interesting reaction to my "Creation" piece, one person asked me if the purple cloud was an alien space ship. Then someone else had a whole theory about the aliens sucking up the babies to their space ship. I had a long conversation about whether we are indeed products of Aliens mating with the original apes on the planet. How strange it is that still we have holes in the fossil record that would be explained by the appearance of aliens. I need to reread "Chariot of the Gods"  by Eric Von Daniken, this is an old book now, where the author uses a lot of examples from human history when mankind really didn't have the technology to build say, the pyramids and suggests that humankind benefited from alien intervention.  This led to a discussion that possibly the Chakra system in the human body is the part, that the Aliens created. Are we being used like the ants use the aphid farms? Will we be harvested at some point or is it already happening.

I may have to explore this idea in some future work. Anyway thanks to all for coming especially the surprise visitors who drove up from San Diego, you know who you are.