I have been in  a reflective mood lately, feeling so grateful to be healthy again. I suppose thats the benefit of being laid low, I get to look carefully at my life. This idea of rebirth is something we all go through all the time. Some part of us may no longer be useful, this allows a new part to come into being.

Looking back on my triptych called "Creation" , I was thinking about the title. The piece is  very particular , about my personal creation. There are three fetuses, one looks connected to the universe , but the other two are not connected. My Pilates partner is a nurse who works in the maternity part of a hospital. We got talking about the secrecy of miscarriages, most women of reproductive ages who want  to have children, have experienced the sorrow of a miscarriage. Why is there such a veil of secrecy about  this subject ? At her hospital there is a wall of remembrance for all the names of the babies that didn't make it to this world. I gave her the names of my two , I think of them as my girls, they are a special, still sorrowful memory for me.

So what is the act of creation, it is a process that encompasses successes and failures. The process of making art is very much like that, except the artist doesn't normal expose the drawings that didn't make it, in my case they are often drawn over. I wish more people realized the necessity, for feeling free enough to make those failures, in all areas of life.

I have started to work on a new series of Chakra drawings, this is a sketch for the first chakra, trying to work out the larger drawing.