Staying on the theme of life and death from my last "Notes", my father died in 2007 and after attending his funeral, I was lucky enough to get to see Louise  Bourgeois's huge and amazing retrospective at the Tate Modern in London.

What an incredible artist she was, not given enough recognition in my mind until she was really quite old. So much work was on display that I had never seen, a whole room of smaller, often sewn pieces, dealing with women going though the birth process and female  reproduction.

I came back from this sad trip where I said goodbye to my Dad, so inspired by Louise, it was like a transformation. I remember thinking, well I don't have a lot of equipment to make sculpture right now , but I have a sewing machine and I can draw. She woke me up to my birthright of creativity and I am very grateful.

Below are two drawings from 2007, right after seeing the Bourgeois  show.