Fifth Chakra

I continue to work on the next series of drawings. I started this particular series after attending a year long series of workshops about the chakra's. I really learned  all I could about them. The fifth Chakra has so much to investigate, it is located in the throat, has 16 petals and is the colour of the sky. The chakras are whirling energy centers, that exist within or just outside the body. The fifth chakra is the location of all communication for the body ,that includes speaking of course, but also listening, smelling, touching and tasting .

We seem to have forgotten that communication encompasses all these senses and carry on as though speech were the only important one.There is definitely a power in language, not only in what we say , but the way that we say it. These vibrations and frequencies resonate throughout the body. The other four senses also have a very important part in communication, some are unconscious, like the smell of pheromones in the choice of a partner. A lot is going on nasally that we may not be aware of, for example memories from the past are very easily enhanced by smells.

I must say that this drawing has been a challenge. I have worked for a long time on getting it right. To try and embody all the aspects that this chakra represents has not been easy.The result is the drawing below, finished today.