Are artists the world's Think Tanks ?

 While on my recent trip to England and Wales, I thought of a simple way to describe the difference between male and female energy. Be assured each human being has a share of each . My Mum and I were talking about Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the UK and the 70' and into the 80's. My Mum has a great deal of admiration for her and thinks she did a great deal for Britain. I tend to disagree, but really who knows. We were talking about how sad it is that there have been no female Prime Ministers of the UK since. I said it really didn't matter that she was a woman, as she used male energy to ascend to the top.

Male energy is like a pyramid, its hierarchical, a few lead the many and those few, reside at the top. Female energy expands in a more linear fashion, more like moss growing along the ground, less interested in being the stand out one , we want to spread power to all. I explained how Nanny , my Grandmother was such a powerful woman, not for her personal glory , but for the ripple effect she had in touching others. Many benefited from her efforts. 

We are so out of balance as a human race, we can literally only think of this hierarchical structure of power. We have not had the experience of linear female power structure in so long. We cannot expect women to behave like men although some do, like Margaret Thatcher.We will always shake our heads that there are not enough women in positions of power in this current structure, female power is not even recognized , let alone supported. Until this balance of male and female power is in balance there will be no harmony on planet earth.

"I often feel that artists are the world's think tanks. Most of us just work and run and work and run-so we rely on artists to do all the thinking" by Stefano Tonchi