Creative Process

I know the creative process is shrouded in mystery. The idea that an artist starts to make something ,with no idea where the process may lead, is a perplexing idea. The true blank canvas is scary for most people. For an artist this launching into the unknown, is a creative ,necessary ,freedom.

When I work, I draw deep from my soul, often this process bypasses my mind, when its really good I can work away for hours connected to some invisible force and not be aware of anything else. Suffice to say ,the meaning of a piece may take some time to unfold. For example when I was in Graduate school I made a small bronze sculpture of a tooth with small roots sprouting from it (see below). It wasn't until I had finished the piece, that it occurred to me that the piece was about being uprooted, yet at the same time, as a new immigrant to the US ,I was struggling to put out shoots and find new roots for myself.