Working in a Series

I have been thinking about why working on a series of drawings is so crucial and natural for me. I have worked in many different mediums , in doing 3D work I know there is never one point of view, because literally you can walk around the piece. Seeing is a constantly changing experience, by working on 4 drawings at once, I can explore the relationships between the pieces.

When I was at Teacher Training College, many moons ago, we did a great class, art in the 20th century, it was about looking across the arts at a particular time period. We read "As I lay Dying" by William Faulkner and "The Wasteland" by TS Eliot to name a few. In the classic book "As I lay Dying" the same story is told through the eyes of four different people. This idea has really influenced my work. It is a common place idea now, and occurs in lots of movies, but for me at the time the idea that each point of view is quite distinct was revelatory. I have been doing a lot of preparatory drawings recently , with nothing to show yet, so I show below, a set of drawings that shows the series idea, quite clearly from a couple of years ago.

Small Works - Set B 20x30.jpg