Japan Thoughts

The trip to Japan has exposed me, on my first visit to the Asian continent, to a wealth of culture and beauty, that I am so grateful to have experienced a wee taste of. I was amazedto learn about a different view of antiquity than the one , I am used to. Going to see ruins from older cultures , all the Roman ruins in Britain for example, where the original buildings or structures will have survived somewhat intact or not. In Japan because of building techniques, earthquakes and wars a lot of original historical sights have been rebuilt , some , several times. So many shrines and temples have signs explaining a long history of the building on this site, but adding ,this particular structure may have been rebuilt in the 1980's for example.

This fluidity about time and structures that are historical is interesting to me. I also saw an integration of culture and history , different than what I am used to. Kimonos are worn , not as historical dress , but simply as special item of clothing. Couples and groups of women wore kimonos as tourists ,visiting the shrines. I can't imagine Brits dressing up in Henry the Eighth's garb to visit Hampton court. In the West we have a different look at history, its definitely looking back to another time , which we are separate from.

I don't know how these thoughts will translate into my work. I am at a place of new beginnings again. before I left for Japan , I did a number of drawings of how I imagined the country might look. There is an example below.