Ghibli Museum

Hayao Miyazaki's movie "Spirited Away" made me want to visit this museum in Tokyo, it was quite a trek out to the suburbs, but well worth it. The museum is very small, the feel of the movie studio is incorporated into its architecture. There is a very wistful feeling to the ivy covered walls, the stain-glass, incorporating various movie creatures, and the building itself, with staircases and tunnels inside. There were two rooms recreating the studio where original drawings for the animated movies were made. Some exquisite drawings , such beautiful landscapes, that I was almost tempted to take one , such intense blue with white drifting clouds, truly a vision of a magical place.

Before I visited Japan, I was really curious about the overwhelming use of "cuteness" in the culture. You see it everywhere, each town has an adorable mascot, the Pokemon universe of delightful creatures and the people themselves are attractive and cute for the most part. Being in Japan gave me a better understanding of how this "cuteness" is an integral part of the culture. Since I came back I have been thinking about this concept and here is one of the results.I am not yet sure if its finished.