I have completed the second series of Chakra drawings and am feeling pretty pleased with them. Similarly after I finished the first series,I am heaving a sigh of relief, it has been a huge undertaking. As you know from previous posts, half way through the series everything changed. This change will be very apparent as you see the photo of the work.

Some  things that occur to me as I look at the series:- In the 7th Chakra drawing I love the way the white wing shapes extend into the brain. I am still debating whether to put a gold leafed pituitary gland inside the brain. I like the way the eyes in the 6th Chakra drawing look, like they are going in two different directions. The 5th Chakra drawing worked well, to include the breath in the form of trumpets going to the nose and also the lungs to try and explain the Divinity of the breath. The avocado heart works in the series, as the lynchpin between the lower three chakras and the upper three chakras. I like the way it sits at the center and is slightly different from each side , but has elements of both.

In short its done, its over, c'est fin and I feel that never again will I attempt another Chakra series. Unless of course I do another chakra workshop series where I learn more things, hard to imagine, but I am proud of the result of this work I put everything I could into the pieces after doing the workshops for a year. I didn't quite bargain for the drawings themselves being such a huge transition going from darkness to light in such a literal way.