So all of us humans whether we want to be or not are on the spiritual path. Some of us looking for a guru, which in Kundalini yoga terms means going from dark ,"gu" to light, "ru". As well as this literal dark to light change, there is also a refinement change.

Many years ago I visited the city of Granada in the south of Spain. The Alhambra contains the remains of the 8th century conquest of the Islamic Moors and therein lies  the Palace of the Nazarenes. The stone work and architecture is exquisite, so delicate and refined. We spent many hours wandering through courtyards looking at fountains and the most elaborate ceilings . The mosaics , tile work and general craftsmanship were superb.

Afterwards coming out of the Palace into the city I was struck by how primitive the large stone steps were outside, rough hewn stone just set as slabs to walk on. It caused within me a great jarring sensation. I wanted to stay in that sense of refinement.

I am still working on my set of Chakra Drawings, I have finished another one , the third eye.