Georgia O'Keefe and other thoughts

 An old friend and fellow artist recently left a comment on my Facebook page, saying my work was provocative. I asked him what he meant and he left the following comment. 

" Provocative because you make me think, beyond what the surface is doing. Your work is not eye candy, its bold and I envy your gutsiness to fill whole walls with lots to chew on. Thanks"

By Vance Komula

What a lovely comment I must say. At first I had this assumption that because the word, "provocative" came up that he was going to mention Georgia O'Keefe, strange association you might think and let me say that I love her work, its a joy to have her name mentioned in any reference to my work. That aside however ,there is a Georgia O"Keefe= Flowers=Female=Vaginal shapes, link that I rail against. We do not say David Smith's work is all about the penis, although many male sculptures make reference to upright objects, usually large, what are they trying to say?

As an artist who happens to be a woman ,I am prepared to use anything I have ,to make the work. So I am glad that "provocative" didn't lead in the direction I feared it might, thanks Vance for confounding my assumptions.