The Gap

Going back to my drawings done in the 1980's, I have an obsession with the diptych and triptych format. At this time there was a personal quest ,to see if I could make two or three pieces of paper relate to each other ,as one complete piece ,using the minimal visual means.

This formal concern has continued into my more current  work, although the diptych format has recently gone away. Let me clarify , the kind of diptych where the two pieces of paper butt up against each other, so that at first glance the work looks like a continuous piece of paper. I am now interested in getting pieces of paper to relate together with a space between them.

The triptych you see below "The Universal Eye" has two gaps. There is an optical illusion going on here. The elongated elliptical eye shape that stretches across the three pieces of paper, looks like a continuous shape ,as the brain fills in the space, even though ,the eye also sees the gaps.As usual, I am following my spiritual explorations in a very concrete visual way. Learning the importance of the gap is becoming crucial, everything we do has this pause, very noticeable with the breath. I love that the London Tube announcer says "Mind the Gap" when the train is in some of the stations, so passengers can see the space between the train and the platform.