Water Works 2 at the Porch Gallery, Ojai, Ca (opening May 9th 2015)

"Hello my name is Wendy Smith. For a lot of my career as an artist, I have focused on large-scale drawings. In the past I have made sculpture and worked with installations.

One of the goals of my work is to simplify the complex world we live in. I have over time developed a visual language that involves a lot of layering. I am always trying to balance my work; to move the layers into the background or foreground as seems appropriate.

 I use my spiritual exploration as the basis for my work, but draw on the body and also cultural, scientific and mythological themes, to enrich and make sense of our world.

I am currently a part of this show Water Works ll, I am very honored to be a part of this exhibition. California as we all know is facing a very serious drought. In my piece for the show, I have taken the tack that we should not feel separate from this issue, we are 67% water ourselves , any impact on the planet effects us directly. We come from water, are made of water and in some ways we return to water."

This is my practice talk for the opening.See below for the piece that got into this juried show, the title is 'The Life Aquatic #4'.

 There are 54 artists represented with over 70 pieces of work .The show is at 'The Porch Gallery', 310 East Matilija Street, Ojai, there is work in several venues in the town The opening is on Saturday May 9th , there is a panel discussion moderated by ViCA  (Venice Institute of Contemporary Art) Director Juri Koll next door to the Porch Gallery ,at 'Modern Folk Living' at 4-5pm . The opening reception is at 5-7pm at 'The Porch Gallery'. The show is up between May 9th -June 8th 2015. Everyone is welcome to come and see the show.