Black Holes and Dark Matter

I am trying to grapple with what projection is, as we all do it, we create  everything in our world- it all projects outwards from us. So when a homeless person comes up to us in a parking lot and begs for some money - we need to look at where we are begging in our own lives. This a complex concept and one that I teeter on the edge of understanding.

I can see some comparison with projection, black holes and dark matter. It seems to me that they are all things ,not possible to see, literally. The  knowledge of their existence depends on watching how they affect other things. Dark matter is estimated  to constitute 84.5 % of the total matter in the universe  and if you add dark energy to that, its 95.1 % of the total mass-energy content of the universe .

"The existence and properties of dark matter are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation and the large scale structure of the universe. Other than neutrinos, hot dark matter has not been detected directly, making it one of the greatest mysteries in modern astrophysics"  a quote from Wikipedia .

See below for a drawing , part of a series of three where I try to grapple with this idea. Thanks to Gary Brewer a fellow "Water Works ll" exhibitor ,for reminding me of dark matter in a piece he wrote about his work. His piece was next to mine in the exhibition.