I remember my first visit to one of the big London Art Museums , probably the Tate , the only Tate back then. I must have seen a lot of art before that visit, as Cardiff , the nearest big city to the village I grew up in, also had a pretty good art museum. The art in London was art that I saw in books and postcards, it was reproduced.

That experience in London really gave me an awareness of the difference between an actual piece of art experienced in the flesh ,from the art seen in a book or reproduced on a poster or postcard. I remember vividly seeing the work of Piet Mondrian for the first time and really noticing the brush strokes and the small imperfections. Also seeing the work of Pierre Bonnard and enjoying his use of color and light and admiring his skills immensely. It was so exciting to see this work with my own eyes and imagine the hand of the artist handling this particular piece of work. Although this experience was a long time ago , I remember the feeling very vividly.

I am working on a series about the four elements, fire , earth, air and water, the series has grown and now I am almost finished with a series about when the elements go out of balance. Below is "Element Disaster Series-Wildfire"